RPP : SMA - X/II (8)

RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran)
Intisari :
Materi dan Penilaian BAHASA INGGRIS
Khusus untuk SMA – Kls.X/Sems.II

Find specific information from descriptive texts;
Identify the structure of descriptive texts;
Read and understand descriptive texts.
Words :                       Meanings or Synonyms :
located                    view
lime                       considered
scenery                  to be brave
peddlers                  strike something with a hard blow
agates                    situated
sacred                    a hollow place in the side of hill
dared                     very hard stones
chased                    place on which Muslims kneel when praying
bump                     goods sellers moving from place to place
prayer mat              keep apart from others
seclude                   a small narrow river
cave                       run after something
stream                   holy


Teknik dan Bentuk :
Teknik           : Tugas individu, Kuis, Ulangan harian.
Bentuk          : Tertulis uraian singkat dan pilihan ganda, Lisan.  

Contoh Instrumen :
Answer the questions based on the picture :
-Can you find a place like this in your village?
-What do people call this place?
-Is it a kind of tourist resort?
-What do you think of this place?
-Where can you find this place?
-Have you ever visited some tourist resorts in East
-Java? Mention them.

Answer the following questions :
1. What do you call people who join Nyi Kamiyem and Ki Padmo in the  
2. Where is Gua Tabuhan located?
3. What can you see along the road to Gua Tabuhan?
4. Where can you find peddlers selling souvenirs?
5. What is Nyi Kamiyem?
6. How old is Ki Kartowiryo?
7. What did Kertodiprojo find out inside the cave?
8. What do people need when they enter the cave?
9. What did Pangeran Diponegoro use as a prayer mat to perform prayer 
             in the cave?
10. Can you see the stream inside the cave?