RPP : SMA - X/II (3)

RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran)
Intisari :
Materi dan Penilaian BAHASA INGGRIS
Khusus untuk SMA – Kls.X/Sems.II

Congratulate and compliment others
Perform a monologue of narrative texts
Exspressions                     Situations
-What a nice dress!            -You compliment someone on their appearance.
-You look great!                 -You say nice thing about your friends' dress.
-You're looking glamorous    -Your colleague is very fashionable and well dress.
-Congratulations!                -Your friend has just passed an important exam.
-Well, Done!                      -Your brother have got an award.
-Thank you very much for   -You give response to your friend compliment/congratulation.
  your compliment.


Teknik dan Bentuk :
Teknik           : Tugas individu, Kuis, Ulangan harian.
Bentuk          : Tertulis uraian singkat dan pilihan ganda, Lisan.  

Contoh Instrumen :
Look at the picture and answer the questions :
1. What do you see in the picture?
2. What are they doing?
3. How do you congratulate anyone and give compliment in your culture?
4. On what occasions do people usually congratulate or compliment 
              each other?
5. Mention some expressions of congratulating and giving complement.

X : I haven't met John for three days. What happened to him?
Y : He was sent to the hospital because of his sickness.
X : Oh, poor John. I hope he'll be better soon. The italicised sentence  
     is used to express
      ............ a. pleasure
b. agreement
c. sympathy
d. expectation
e. satisfaction

Answer the following questions :
1. What do you know about storytelling?
2. Did you ever tell a story to your friend?
3. If yes, what was the story about?
4. What can you get from a story?

Work in pairs and make a dialogue based on the following situations. Use the expressions and responses you have learned :
-You introduce yourself to a new neighbour and ask him/her to come to              your house.
-You meet a new classmate at school. Ask his/her name, hometown  
            and address.
-You introduce yourself to a new English teacher in the classroom.
-Your brother/sister brings his/her friends to the house. Introduce 
            yourself to them.
-When you are going shopping with your father, you meet your father's 
  Introduce yourself to him/ her.