RPP : SMA - X/II (4)

RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran)
Intisari :
Materi dan Penilaian BAHASA INGGRIS
Khusus untuk SMA – Kls.X/II

Identify factual meaning in the texts;
Identify the structure of narrative texts;
Reading and understanding narrative texts.
     The Legend of Beowulf
Once upon a time, there was a horrible monster called Grendel. He was half-man and half-monster. He lived in Denmark. One day, he went to the King's castle. The king and his men tried to kill the monster but their swords were useless. A knight called Beowulf heard about the problem and went to Denmark to help the king.
That night, Beowulf and his men took off their armour and put away their swords and went to sleep. The monster came into the castle and killed a knight. Beowulf woke up and fought the monster-he pulled off an arm! Grendel went back to his home in a lake and died. Grendel's mother was very angry and the next night she went to the castle and killed a knight.
In the morning, Beowulf went to the lake. He killed Grendel's mother with a special sword. When he came back, the king was very happy and he gave Beowulf presents and money.
Beowulf went back to his country and became a king. He was king for fifty years. But one day, a dragon came to his country, and it attacked people. It lived in a cave with treasure. The dragon was very big and breathed fire. The knights were afraid and they did not want to fight the dragon. King Beowulf was an old man but he put on his armour again and went to the dragon's cave with his men. …


Teknik dan Bentuk :
Teknik           : Tugas individu, Kuis, Ulangan harian.
Bentuk          : Tertulis uraian singkat dan pilihan ganda, Lisan.  

Contoh Instrumen :
Answer these questions :
1. What is the picture about?
2. Can you predict what the story is about?
3. Do you have a favourite folklore?
4. What is the title of the folklore?
5. Tell the class about it.

Read and study the story in Activity 5 once again. Then decide whether these statements are true or false :
1. There are two main characters in the story.
2. The story probably took place in the jungle.
3. The fox had read somewhere that praising the voice of a crow with a      cheese in his beak would make him drop the cheese and sing.
4. The fox said that the crows are sly and crazy.
5. The fox recognise that the crow look more closely, as the most  
    famed and talented of all birds
6. Whereupon the crow tossed the cunning fox the crow's share of the 
7. The fox is really arrogant. He is the map maker.
8. The crow's appetite appeased, leaving the hungry crow perched 
             forlornly in the tree.

Change the following sentences into passive voice :
1. The cameraman takes the President's several times.
2. A fire melts the wax statue at the House of Wax.
3. My brother buys me this new computer game.
4. She writes the beautiful story of prince and princesses.
5. The firefighters helps a family from being trapped in a ruin.