RPP : SMA - X/II (6)

RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran)
Intisari :
Materi dan Penilaian BAHASA INGGRIS
Khusus untuk SMA – Kls.X/Sems.II

Responding to expressions of gratitude
Responding to invitation
Responding to a monologue of a descriptive text
1. Language Functions
    Expressing gratitude
    a. Thank you very much.
    b. Thanks a lot.
    c. I really appreciate your ...
    d. I'm very grateful to you for....
    Accepting an invitation
    a. I'd love to
    b. I'd be delighted to.
    c. That sounds a nice idea.
    d. I'd be happy to accept
2. Genre
Function : to describe a particular person, place or thing.
Generic Structure
a. Identification : identifies phenomenon to be described.
b. Description : describes parts, qualities, characters.


Teknik dan Bentuk :
Teknik           : Tugas individu, Kuis, Ulangan harian.
Bentuk          : Tertulis uraian singkat dan pilihan ganda, Lisan.  

Contoh Instrumen :
Answer these questions orally :
1. How do you respond to someone expressing gratitude?
2. Is it alright if you just say nothing?

Listen to the tape. You will hear some expressions :
Choose the best response for the expressions :
1.       a. No, I won't.
b. Yes, I'd love to.
2.       a. I'm sorry, I can't.
b. Thank you so much.
3.       a. I'm very grateful to you.
b. How can I refuse?
4.       a. I'd love to come.
b. You're great.
5.       a. How can I thank you?
b. It doesn't matter.

Study the picture and then answer these questions orally :
1. What picture is it?
2. Where do you usually find that place?
3. What can you do if you go to that place?
4. Can you describe the situation on the picture?
5. How do we prevent the beauty of the place?

Listen to the tape then complete the following description of Lawang Sewu :
Lawang Sewu
Lawang Sewu is one of the famous ………… in Indonesia. It is named ……………. which means …………….. Besides its thousand doors, it is also well known for the fascinating …………….. representing the Dutch Symbolism. The stained glass windows are similar with those of the places like The Hague and Rotterdam and also the Royal family. The building has numerous ……………. which open out to the offices on one side of the office and the other end of the building on the other hand. It is a famous …………. in the region of Semarang and a pride for Java.